Kiwi shower Gel is specifically crafted for long lasting freshness.


Surround yourself with the long lasting fragrance of Kiwi after bathing. The skin conditioners keep your skin soft and moisturised. Softer, Smoother Skin – Enriched with Moisture Lock it helps to retain moisture of the skin to make it softer, smoother and supple. It also helps in removing dead skin & tanning and gives glow to the skin. You can actually feel your skin breathing after using this shower gel.


Soft gel lathers well on the skin and washes away dirt to make it clean and clear.

Kiwi Shower Gel

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500 Milliliters
  • Feathers Kiwi Shower Gel:

    - Gives you soft, smooth and moisturized skin. 

    - Helps in removing tanning. 

    - Helps in removing dead skin and gives glow to the skin. 

    - Its long lasting frangance makes you get going throught the day.